You are going to love the meal plans, but there are some things you should know:

This is a recurring payment that will take place on the same date each month, 6 months or year (your choice.)  That date is the same as the day you sign up.  You can unsubscribe at any time.  If you need to unsubscribe, it’s best to do it close to your renewal date.  Once you unsubscribe, you will no longer have access to the download area, even if there would have been time left on your subscription.

There are 2 membership plans:

1.  Dinner Only:  This gives you access to the weekly meal plan and shopping list for just Dinners.   It has side bar adjustments for gluten free, dairy free, and fitness plans.  * Prices range from $3.75 – $5 a month. Click to select a Dinner Only Plan.

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2.  Everything:  This membership level gives you access to the dinner only plan, PLUS the Everything plan with recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.  Now including Fit Mama meal plans too with 12 prep ahead recipes for an easier week of Fat loss. * Prices range from $7.50 – $10 a month. Click to select an Everything plan.

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Our Guarantee:  As long as you stay a member, your membership expense will never increase.

If you unsubscribe and come back later, current membership prices will apply.

14 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. Sandra says:

    Angela, Will you send out reminder emails that our week’s menu is ready for downloading? Receiving the weekly reminder from you is one of the reason I prefer your service over emealz and switched to Grocery Shrink, so I hope I will continue to receive that “Angela Coffman” email.
    I appreciate all you do; the service from you has been excellent!
    Thanks, and kind regards,

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Yes! Every week you will get an email from me. Typed by me and with all my typos, lol. I love that personal touch too. And I would have to have a reminder myself or I’d forget I had subscribed, lol.

  2. Melissa Teutsch says:

    I ran across your blog looking for some testimonials of Fit Yummy Mummy (which convinced me to go for it) and then yesterday, I purchased the e-book and activated by ClubFYM membership and since then have been trying to wrap my head around menu planning for this next week. (I always grocery shop on Fridays, and am planning to start on Sunday.) Anyway, I saw where you had replied to someone on the forum about your meal planning service and then I came and checked it out and just purchased it. I wanted to cry when I saw the little “Fit Mama” notes for everything because I’ve been sitting her today trying to figure out how to feed my family and myself at the same time, without them staging a revolt! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is going to help SO much. (And, I plan on introducing myself on ClubFYM and everything this weekend, but wanted to personally thank you!)

  3. Jessie says:

    Hello I am following the THM meal plan and I wa told you plan menus around that. Is this correct and how? Do we get to choose what menu to enroll on?


    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Jessie, That is only partially correct. The menu plans use typical fat and carb combos necessary for growing children and most men and in shape women. There are also snack recipes like cookies that have sugar in the main menu. But in the side bar for every meal there is a suggestion for what a woman following either Fit Yummy Mummy or THM should do instead. This usually means making a small adjustment to the main dinner or a sub for the entire dish, or a fast to prepare alternative. I make the menus in real time and they are published fresh every Friday. I do recycle some recipes (try to give at least 4 weeks between reusing) but the menus are 50% brand new every week. I never recycle an entire week’s menu. Also I only plan 1 snack a day in the menus, but I personally eat 2-3. So if you are eating every 3 hours, you will need something extra during your day. The menu gives 4 meal a day. Hope that helps.

  4. Kate says:

    So, my husband is very picky (likes basically no vegetables, doesn’t like “ethnic” foods etc) and he also does most of the cooking since he’s a stay at home dad to our toddler. We’ve been really struggling lately with figuring out food to make and not having to run to the store every night (and since I’m expecting again, food is important in our lives!), so I thought meal plans might be good. But how picky-eater friendly are your recipes? I tried to get the sample menu but couldn’t download it (I’ll try again later on a different computer) so I was wondering if you might be able to comment on this. Thanks!

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Kate, I’m not sure this is the plan for you. I try to have a Mexican, Italian, and Oriental dish every week. And I try to put lots of veggies in too to make things as healthy as I can. If the ethnic part isn’t set in stone, you could adapt the recipes–like leave out the onions and peppers etc.

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Yes, Jennifer. There are recommendations in the sidebar for both dairy free and gluten free. You can always leave out nuts. If the recipe calls for peanut butter, you can sub sunflower butter.

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