Sample Meal Plan

Here’s a sample recipe from one of our plans:

Sample recipe from meal plan

9 thoughts on “Sample Meal Plan

  1. Debbie says:

    I’m loving the budgeting course, like the looks of your recipes on grocery shrink and am interested in seeing a bit more as far as meal plans.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Angela, I’m now on a low oxalate diet and my husband has recently been put on a diabetic diet. The diabetic part isn’t too difficult, basically as you stated, “If God made it, you can eat it!” It’s the oxalate part I’m having a hard time with. Does this meal plan include options that meet my requirements? Hope you can help!

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Michelle! The fit mama meal plans are great for controlling blood sugar, but none of the meal plans are low oxalate. I had to google it and it appears that most plant based foods are high in oxalates. I make sure each meal has a good protein source and lots of plants to go with them.

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