Fit Mamas!

The most important part of fat loss is eating the right food, but it’s hard to stay on track when we are busy.   The best way to be successful is to take a few minutes each week to prep our food ahead, so healthy stuff is as easy to grab as a bag of chips. That’s why I created the Fit Mama meal plans.  These easy prep ahead meals are designed specifically to help you burn fat while protecting your metabolism and muscle mass.  I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the last 20 years of research and life experience and put it together to make a program that is POSSIBLE and that WORKS.

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This is not a fad diet.  It is real, healthy food in the right combination of fats, carbs and proteins to keep your blood sugar balanced and your metabolism humming.  No food group is eliminated.  If God made it, it’s fair game for the meal plan.

Fit Mama Strawberry Shortcake

I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 8 years old, as a result of poor adrenal function caused by untreated Irlen Syndrome.  When I was 12 I learned all about metabolism and the right food combinations to burn fat.  I lost 30 lbs over the summer finally reaching my ideal weight, and kept it off until I became pregnant with my first child at 22.

My 12 year old self on the right.  I saw this picture and decided to change to healthier habits.

My 12 day before and after Tighter Tummy challenge when my 6th baby was a year old.

I used what I learned to lose the baby weight (50+ lbs) after each baby, and since then I’ve learned even more.  I’m excited to share it with you.

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On the left is my face, riddled with inflammation battling for my life with steroids at the worst health I’ve seen.  On the right is my healthy face (and my adorable son, Brandon.) 

Weight loss after 6th baby–age 36

I’ve tried elimination diets, gut health diets, the adrenal diet, Trim Healthy Mama and more.  I’m frank with what worked and what didn’t.  My meal plans are a compilation of the best of what I’ve learned.

Fit Mama Veggie Hash with Eggs

What Fit Mama is:

  • Prep ahead meal plans so that your fat burning food is as easy to grab as a bag of chips.
  • 1500 calories a day + 120 grams of protein + tons of fiber and just the right amount of carbs and fats to keep your metabolism humming
  • 3 meals and 3 snacks a day
  • 12 unique recipes each week with spaced repetition to make food prep efficient.
  • Fruits and Veggies, lean protein, and whole grains!
  • Substitutions for Dairy free or Gluten Free
  • An active support community with daily accountability*
  • Live coaching to help you substitute ingredients or recipes or choose an eating out alternative*
  • Prizes 🙂

*Facebook required for these bonus perks.  The secret facebook group is  women only so members can share their progress photos. To join the group you’ll need a facebook profile that is just you and not a husband/wife combo.

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Fit Mama Apple Chicken Salad

What Our Members are Saying:

I was just sitting here thinking how I KNOW (not think, not hope, but know!) I’m going to be successful this week in my eating. Having it all fixed in the fridge is so liberating. I know exactly what to have when I feel hungry…and it’s all yummy so it’s not like I’ll be suffering through anything or feeling deprived. And best yet, I’m not obsessing about it – bit counting anything, tracking anything 2 seconds after I put a bite in my mouth, or trying to think of what I can eat next that won’t ruin my allotted calories or points for the day. It’s.Just.Done. I am relaxed and at ease and confident and looking forward to the week ahead. Thank you, thank you. This is exactly what I needed. — Sharon H

I am finding that I have so much more energy! I am able to do so many more things in a day! And my depression symptoms, while not completely gone, have diminished within just a week! Thank you Angela, I really appreciate all your effort to answer our questions and keep us motivated! — Amanda T.

I’ve never wanted to make my meals separate from the family’s meals because it seemed like so much more work when I have a hard time getting one decent hot meal on the table per day, so consequently I’ve tried to feed my family whatever diet food I was currently trying. They never liked it, I would get upset that I was trying so hard and no one would eat it, and I’d eventually give up. It also took away from my time with them at the table because I’d make theirs first then make mine and they’d be done by the time I sat down. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with this plan! I’m eating healthy food I feel great about, but it’s already done ahead of time, so I get to sit right down with them and enjoy our time together. I’m making my family’s favorite meals and they love it. Everyone’s happy! I have never thought to do things this way before and I seriously believe it’s going to be life changing! Thankyou so much Angela! — Patty S.

Angela, thank you so much for making this program affordable and providing a good support group. Life is overwhelmingly busy at this stage in my life, and it’s so great to have someone do the planning for me. I enjoy healthy food, but when it’s not at my fingertips it’s too easy to grab junk instead. Thanks! — Jennifer W.

I can fit three fingers inside my waistband of my jeans, and DH just texted me that his tool belt at work is sliding off. Yippee!!! — Karen B.

I’ve lost 5 pounds so far! I’m so glad that the jeans I recently bought were only $1 each (thrift store) because I think I’ll need to size down soon! — Kristen M.

I just want to say how thankful I am for this group & this challenge. Back in 2013, I started Trim Healthy Mama & lost 30lbs in 6 months. I maintained that until I got pregnant with my last baby. I kept up with it about 50% throughout that pregnancy & was down to 5lbs away from where I started when she was born in July 2014. Life happened & I slowly gained weight. 2016 was awful & I gained a lot. I tried to go 100% back to THM, but I never lost more than 2lbs. I knew how to follow that plan, I was successful before, but it just wasn’t working this time.

Fast forward to Angela’s email about this challenge. At first I was just like eh, not going to work for me. A few days or so later, I see about it again & something nudged me to give it a try. Here we are 5? weeks later & I’ve already lost 9.5 lbs! I’m not craving any junk, I’m not able to overindulge even if I try, & I’m regularly exercising. I have so much more energy & feel great.

Thank you Angela for starting this challenge & thank you everyone in this group for being so supportive. –Kelly

Fit Mama Protein Pancakes

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