Q. I don’t use credit cards, can I pay with a check?

A.  We only take payments via paypal.  They also process debit cards and bank transfers if you prefer not to use a credit card.

Q. I’m nervous about signing up for a subscription. How long am I committed for? How do I unsubscribe?

A. Your subscription is just for $5 a month one month at a time. You can unsubscribe any time by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link under the dashboard heading on this website. But please take note: the unsubscribe button works instantly! That means if you subscribe and hit unsubscribe before getting all of the month’s menu’s, you won’t get the rest of the months’ menus. There are no refunds.

Q. How much money will I spend on food using the menus?

A. That’s up to you. Your shopping methods will impact your budget the most. I have planned the menus with every day low cost foods; and use similar ingredients week in and week out to cook a huge variety of foods. This way you can predict what you will use over a month and start to build a pantry of these items when you see them go on sale. I also plan seasonal produce (USA seasons) and trending low cost items (For example chicken breasts are at a 3 year low right now, so I am using them more than I used to.) Feel free to substitute ingredients if you find a better deal; or adjust the amounts in the shopping list if you know your family doesn’t like an item or won’t eat as much of it.

Q. How do I access my menu?
A. Once you subscribe, create a login profile. After you are logged in You will find the link to download the menu under the Menu’s tab. I leave each menu up for one week and then replace it with the new week’s menu on Friday at noon.

Q.  Help! I tried to login but it says my membership was cancelled.  I didn’t cancel it.  What happened?

A. A membership will automatically cancel on the renewal date if  the payment doesn’t go through. Usually this is because a new card was issued and needs to be updated with paypal. You can resubscribe and update the card info, then instead of creating a new login; sign in as an existing member with your old username and password. This should link everything together.

35 thoughts on “FAQ

    • Angela Coffman says:

      You will still get an email every week with a link to download. I won’t be able to put an attachment on the email, so you can either download through the link or log in here. I know how busy everyone is so I will still send the reminder when your menu is ready :).

  1. Bob says:

    Hello Angela — can you help families who only eat organics? We use your menus, but we’re spending$300+ per week, and I think it is because of the cost of organics. Some organic items are less than others, so it would help to have menus centered around the less costly — like organic bananas aren’t bad, for example, in price (just one example).

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi, Bob. My menus use every day low cost foods–and you will see bananas used creatively every week :). We go as natural and whole food as we can, but I don’t specify whether organic or not or even what brands to buy. This is a very personal decision. If you are only using organics your bill will be higher. $300 a week makes my head spin! I have 6 kids and we spend $480 a month. If we spent more than that, we’d have to give up music lessons and sports for the kids. $1200 a month for food is more than our mortgage, fuel, utilities and clothing budget combined.


    I spend about 250 a week for 3. I have tried to cut back , just can’t seem to on my own, I hope this will help. I have looked at your menus and do like them. However I am a work ( away from home ) mom and don’t have to fix B,L,D. Just dinner. And I still spend 250 week or more…. I need help.

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Big Hug, Lenora. You sound a little overwhelmed with work and home responsibilities. I hope the menus help you feel more in organized. The lunches are packable and that may help with some savings too for you :).

  3. Natalie says:

    I was subscribed before the paypal switch over-about the same time discovered a gluten issues, as well as severe migraine triggers. I didn’t choose to subscribe using the new payment method, but I have since wrapped my mind around being gluten free and would like to re-subscribe.
    If I do, will I end up with duplicates of the menus I already have?
    Thank you!

  4. Carolyn Griffith says:

    After a several month hiatus, I’m happy to be a subscriber again! We were in the process of moving out of state and our sons are in college, so we have had lots of grocery/meal plan adjustments. I really appreciate your Sunday lunch menus. My husband is a pastor, so we have lots of Sunday morning responsibilities. The first question our children ask me at the end of the service is “What’s for lunch, Mom?” It is so nice to be able to have a plan! 🙂

  5. Christy says:

    Hello Angela,

    My sister-in-law recently described to me a service her family participates in that sounds much like this one, and maybe is even this one! She really loves it, and it inspired me to do a little more research. I am always looking for ways to cut back on the grocery bill AND time I spend meal planning/prepping since I also work away from home. My one hesitancy in the options I’ve found on line so far is that the members of my family all have pretty severe food allergies – and not all the same food allergies. Do you have an option for folks who need to avoid certain foods, or do the same menu plans go out to every subscriber every week?

    Thank you!

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Chiristy, Currently the same menu goes out to all subscribers with a sidebar for modifications for gluten free, dairy free, or weight loss. There are other members with additional food sensitivities–one apples; some must avoid soy; some tomatoes and relatives etc. They do their own modifications and so far it is workout out well.

  6. Lindsay K says:

    Hi mama, We are a family of 8. I spend about 550 on groceries every 2 weeks. I also include the dog and chicken feed in my budget. If I didn’t include the animals it would be about 60 less every 2 weeks. Any ideas? will your menu plan help decreace the cost of my budget? I use a lot of whole foods, I buy in bulk, and cook things like dry beans and try to stay away from packages. How do you do it for 480 a month?

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Lindsay, By tweaking some shopping techniques you should be able to cut your budget by 30%, maybe more. The trick is buying food when it is at it’s lowest price possible and stocking up then–so you never pay full price. I have a book that goes into more details available at Groceryshrink.com. WIth the menus you will find a similar cooking method to what you are used to and I work hard to use seasonal foods and to anticipate what will be most affordable. I’d love to have you give the menus a try. If it doesn’t work for you, it’s simple to cancel. (There’s a link on this site, or you can cancel through your paypal account.)

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Jennifer, If you can still use eggs, you should be able to make the recipes work. There are some recipe exceptions (like whole roasted chickens) that is hard to sub for. I include meat or fish every day since I believe it is essential for health, so you would have a lot of subbing to do if you want to leave it out.

  7. Sherry says:

    I’m a single adult with 2 other single adults in the house. We share meals and are looking to manage our food budget with meal planning. I came upon this through the blog and was hoping to see some sample menu or something to see if it will be a good fit four our situation. Do you have anything I can see before I commit?

  8. Krista Harris says:

    Hi Angela, Really excited about your help and input. I have three kids and only feed them organic fruit and veggies and we are gluten free. So, we do spend a lot on groceries. Just wondering how close to the $100/person a month you think I can be? I already bake my own gluten free breads. Also, wanting to buy organic beef as well but struggling to find it at a reasonable price. My plan is to use your recipes/menus (the gluten free versions) and hopefully, still save money. Think I can do it?? So grateful for all your help.

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Krista, You are already doing some great things. The menus use foods that are naturally lower cost, even if you go the organic route. Instead of shopping for organic beef, you might consider buying grass fed beef from a local farmer. It will be generally organic, just not inspected and approved by an organic board. Essentially it will be the same thing for less money. Sometimes you have to buy a whole cow or come up with someone to split it with yourself, so having a big deep freeze is handy. Maybe you already do this, but Costco has good prices on frozen organic veggies and some fresh. There is also a CSA near us that offers organic produce baskets for $24 a week. You might look into that in your area.

      • lori says:

        So are actual THM modifications included? In the sample you say to put greek yogurt on the bagel, but a bagel would not be THM. Nor would eliminating chips from the taco meal, since it still included cheese with beans. Needing a plan that keeps me on track w/THM

        • Angela Coffman says:

          Lori, If you need to be told everything to do with THM this is probably not the plan for you. I’m working with mom’s on different fitness plans too (Like Fit Yummy Mummy) which doesn’t allow cheese or gluten generally but does allow a deviation 2-3 times a week (hence the bagel). I’m walking a balance line between two schools of thought in the fit mama side and you’ll need to think for yourself a little to decide what you want to do. Also, the fit mama variations aren’t reflected in the shopping list…just the main family meals are.

  9. Kristi Follett says:

    After quitting couponing and moving across the country and just feeling completely overwhelmed, like a lot of other moms, I am trying again to get our budget solidified. We should spend apx. 400/month on food. Please give a few pointers if you can. Some of us are gluten free and nut free due to allergies, so I have to figure in the amounts for making my own all purpose flour. I usually buy these in bulk from amazon, but it can get pricey…..There are currently 7 of us, soon to be 9, with babies being added in Feb and April.

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Kristi, For families with growing kids, using whole grain breads to help fill them up and provide great nutrition is a super frugal way to go. Gluten free breads aren’t so frugal, or healthy, or tasty (and of course there are exceptions to this generality.) The healthiest and most frugal gluten free items: Oats; brown rice; quinoa. If you can use eggs, this will go a long way in allowing you to save. For example, you can add eggs to cooked quinoa or rice and stir in some mix ins (like chopped apple and cinnamon) or on the savory side shredded carrots; green onion and parmesan) and then pack it into mini muffin tins for some yummy bites. I give as many other ideas as I can in the menus. Since we don’t have allergies in our home, I rely a lot on the experience of others as I give suggestions. Also, you might enjoy the new recipe builder and menu planning feature of this site. I’m hoping to release a video this weekend showing how to use it.

  10. Jessica says:

    Hi! I am considering subscribing, however I have a few concerns. My daughter has a severe egg and nut allergy. How many recipes usually contain these items? Thank you!

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Jessica. Thanks for writing. We don’t use a ton of nuts, but when we do, they are optional. Eggs are something I use a lot, but mostly in breakfast recipes. You can expect an egg based breakfast 3-4 times a week with these menus. When baking, you can use a flax egg or something similar. That doesn’t work so well with things like Quiche. I offer 27 recipes every week, you will be able to use more than half of them.

  11. Jen says:

    I would love to see a weekly menu sample. I followed the link to have one emailed to me, clicked on the link, and then just got to a screen that said I was subscribed. How do I get to see what a full week’s menu would look like? Thanks!

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Jen, it will automatically email to you in a few minutes. Since you have a gmail account, the spam filter might grab it. We have trouble with that particular host. If that happens, let me know and I can try to send it another way.

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