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  1. Rhian Stevens says:

    HI Angela

    I live in England. I have signed up to your plan as I as sick of trying to budget with little success and feed 3 hungry boys and us! I have signed up as an affiliate too, but how do I advertise your service to my friends as an affiliate?

    Thanks for a great idea regarding meals. I am enjoying reading your blog too as we are on a steep learning curve currently. I have just finished Dave Ramsey’s book ‘The Total Money Makeover’ as we need to make some serious changes. PLease keep inspiring me and other women as we seek to budget better, parent better and cook better!

    Many thanks

    Rhian Stevens
    Kent, United Kingdom

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Rhian, I love “The Total Money Makeover!” It changed my life. You can use your affiliate link when you share in an email or on facebook etc. Just be sure to let them know if they sign up using your link it helps you both without costing them any extra. If you have a blog you can use a button in the sidebar, or have me write a guest post for you.

  2. Ann-Marie says:

    HI I was late in getting to my email and when I tried to DL the menu I got an OOPS for SUBSCRIBERS only! Was that because I was too late or has something happened to my subscription I don’t know about? Thanks.

  3. Deb E says:

    Dear Angela,

    While I love the idea of your weekly menus/shopping lists, when I downloaded your sample menu I was very disappointed with how many recipes have dairy in them. Since I am allergic to dairy, and trying to cut back on gluten, I won’t be able to use your service. I’m sure most families don’t have these issues.

    I will say that I love your Slow Cooker Recipes book and we use it all the time. One of the best $3 I ever spent!

    Best wishes,
    Deb E

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Hi Deb. Thanks for taking the time to write ;). I’m dairy free too and gluten free while I work with my doctor on some food sensitivities. That’s why every recipe in the menus comes with gluten free and dairy free adjustments in the side bar. Right now they aren’t reflected in the shopping list–except that it’s easy for me to look at the list and know that when it says milk, I’ll be using almond milk etc… Hope that helps.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hi Angela,

    A friend told me about your service and I am very intrigued. I struggle with planning. I like to cook with what I have on hand, however, I am trying to lose weight and still feed my family well. I feel like I am failing. My friend mentioned that your recipes have Trim Healthy Mama tips. I didn’t see this in the sample menu plan I received. I just wanted to confirm this before I sign up. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Jennifer, The tips are in the side bar and are called Fit Mama, right below gluten free and dairy free. Check again. There’s just a note about an ingredient substitution or sometimes a quick something to throw together on the side.

    • Angela Coffman says:

      It’s basically Bisquick, but there are lots of versions out there. You can buy it, make it yourself, get low carb, gluten free, dairy free….whatever you need. Recipes in the bonus section or on the blog.

  5. Diane Johnson says:

    Hi Angela,
    Is there a way to view previous weeks menus?
    I wanted to print the “Dinner Only” menu from the October 11th menu but the new menu is up for today.
    I don’t know how to get back to the October 11th menu again.
    Thank you,

  6. Rachel Allen says:

    Hi Angela –
    I wanted to know like Diane Johnson, how do I get to the previous menus? I don’t want to have to print everything up every week as it gets expensive (printer ink especially) and also I would need to get a big binder to put everything in. How can I access the previous menus?

    Thank you,

    • Angela Coffman says:

      Rachel, You need to save them to your hard drive. Most Moms only print the title page, then upload the shopping list to their grocery shopping program. You can view the individual recipes from a tablet or phone with a pdf viewing app. If you didn’t save previous meal plans, the old download links will work as long as you are logged in.

  7. Asiyah says:

    I am wondering if you send a link by email with every updated menu? Also, I seem to be unable to login properly. I thought I had the information right. I did do the request for a new password update but nothing seems to be forthcoming. What did I do wrong?

  8. Laurel Raleigh-Klimowicz says:

    Hi Angela, we are new to your meal plans. So far I really like what you are offering, thanks for putting this together. In California we have been in school already for a couple of weeks. I am finding the plan is less convenient for our family with 2 working parents particularly with lunches. I was wondering if you have any sort of meal plan for kid lunches?

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